Detergent, Germicide and Deodorizer

Multi-purpose formula that cleans, disinfects &
deodorizes in one operation
MIKRO-QUAT provides an excellent detergent action,
lifts & emulsifies grime & tough dirt. It is a
good cleaner for floors and doesn’t leave a residue.
MIKRO-QUAT is an excellent deodorizer. It neutralizes
disagreeable odors & destroys bacteria that
cause bad odors
• Concentrated for economic application
1 liter of MIKRO-QUAT makes 128 liters of cleaning
and disinfecting solution for heavy jobs, or 384
liters of cleaning and disinfecting solution for light
jobs. It can be used with Ecolab dispensers.
• Ideal for sanitizing in food service areas that are
not food contact surfaces
It cleans, sanitizes and deodorizes food service
equipment. It is especially effective for cleaning and
deodorizing garbage cans. It eliminates rancid
smells in the kitchen.
• Excellent for disinfecting hospitals
MIKRO-QUAT is an effective germicide for cleaning
hospital equipment, floors and areas where patients
are, suitable for conductive floors. MIKRO-QUAT
is effective against the following pathogenic
organisms in a dilution of 1:200 (A.O.A.C.): S.
choleraesuis, S. typhosa, S. aureus, Ps. Aeruginosa,
E. coli, T. interdigital, D. Vulgaris.
• Anti-Viral Action
MIKRO-QUAT contains a quaternario ingredient
combined with synergistic detergent and regulatory
system. MIKRO-QUAT disinfects the Herpes Simplex
type 1, Smallpox, Newcastle disease, Adenovirus
Type 3, and Influenza A on inanimate environmental
surfaces in the use dilution of 1:200 (2/3 oz
per gallon)
• Proven effective against Cholera and HIV virus 

(ECOLAB® Authorized Distributor)

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